Snorkeling in Western Australia

Snorkeling in Western Australia

Snorkeling in Western Australia – Amazing Places in & around Perth

With our jobs, families, and social lives, it is not often that we immerse ourselves into the alluring beauty of nature. What better way to unwind than to snorkel in the underwater paradises of Western Australia? From humpback whales to turtles and dolphins, you are bound to get lost in the alluring beauty when you are diving and snorkeling.

When you are going snorkeling, it is imminent that you get the best quality gear that ensures you stay safe as you enjoy the beauty around you. 

Before you pack your bags, comes the million-dollar question: How to choose the vacation spot from the various idyllic beaches with turquoise waters, long sandy beaches, amazing marine life, and colorful offshore reefs?

Snorkeling in Western Australia

Don’t worry, for we got you covered with the top 5 places for snorkeling in WA. Let’s hit the road to adventure with your snorkel in the tow! 

Exmouth- Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is the world’s largest fringing reef and is an underwater paradise. While snorkeling in the clear turquoise waters, you will be mesmerized by the turtles, the gentle white shark, graceful manta rays, and over 500 species of fish. 

If you are into diving, you should go to the Navy Pier to have a diving experience of a lifetime! If you are looking for outback adventures, Cape Range National Park is waiting to be explored! You can explore the vast open waters with the help of SnorkelX that offers you amazing 180 degrees panoramic views. 

Abrolhos Islands

Looking for a bird watching, windsurfing, and snorkeling paradise? Look no further than the Abrolhos Islands that are teeming with fascinating marine life. With more than 180 species of corals present, the islands are a meeting ground for all sorts of temperate & tropical sea life. 

Don’t forget to dine on the local delicacy of fresh and tasty crayfish while visiting the Abrolhos Islands! With the level of comfort they offer, SnorkelX full face snorkeling masks will make your snorkeling experience a breeze!

SnorkelX Abrolhos Islands


There is plenty of adventure to be found in Esperance, which is every nature lover’s dream with its untouched islands and beautiful turquoise waters. Australia’s whitest beach, the Lucky Bay, is one of its famous spots that is set against an idyllic seascape of 110 islands. 

Twilight Cove and Blue haven Beach are great spots for snorkeling and swimming, and you will be lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world.

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay immediately creates a place in the heart of snorkeling enthusiasts with its incredible marine life and colorful offshore reefs. The towering dunes, pristine beaches, underwater caves, and sponge covered coral gardens are a sight for sore eyes. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a seasoned snorkeler, you must take a look at SnorkelX full face snorkeling mask that comes with a foldable design, making it travel friendly!

SnorkelX Jurien Bay

Rottnest Island

Want an escape from the hectic city life? Escape to Rottnest Island and lose yourself in the beauty of 20 stunning bays, 63 beautiful beaches, and plenty of coral reefs to have a great snorkeling experience. With over 400 species of fish calling Rottnest Island their home, don’t forget to pack your snorkel!

You will find plenty of enchanting and exotic snorkeling locations in Rottnest Island. With its calm conditions and shallow water, Little Parakeet Bay is perfect for your kids. Fish Hook Bay is more suited to professional snorkelers and is home to diverse fish. You will love the iconic shape of the bay and the surrounding limestone reefs as well.

Parker Point Snorkel Trail has an abundance of tropical fish and coral that will leave you with a great, immersive underwater experience. The shipwreck at Henrietta Rocks is a popular snorkeling spot for those who want to explore underwater history. Mary Cove and Little Armstrong Bay are also popular and must-visit snorkeling spots when you go off to the Rottnest Island.

SnorkelX Rottnest Island

Tired of choking on seawater as you snorkel? Check out SnorkelX full face mask that will take your snorkeling experience up a notch!

Stay out of harm’s way as you snorkel!

Your underwater safety is of the utmost importance. It would not do to have to you choking on seawater, now would it? The float present in the snorkel tube of SnorkelX full face snorkel mask will prevent water from entering, thus no more choking!

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The polycarbonate material makes it shatterproof. Even if water somehow enters your mask, you can use the drainage valve to get the water out as soon as you bring your head above water. Amazing, right?

The SnorkelX full face snorkel mask prevents water from getting in and allows you to breathe through your nose. Nothing changes your perspective on life like snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, surrounded by colorful reef fish. 

Pack your snorkeling gear, and hit the road!

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